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Issue with Sony Xperia L
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River Prawn

FS Player Name: iCon86
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Posted: 2013-11-25, 15:29   Issue with Sony Xperia L


Everything was fine until yesterday, I updated my system to the latest version 4.22. Since then I could not reel properly, rod lags when u move the rod around. Can't even use skill. After reeling, when u let go of the reel. Reel will be still reeling.

Anyone using Xperia L? Anyone experiencing the same issue with android jellybean 4.22?
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FS Player Name: msa502
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Posted: 2013-11-25, 16:39   

CMIIW, but I think it's an issue with jelly bean in general, and not just your device. I knew some ppl who played this game on 4.1.2 and still experiencing that kind of problem(s). I think it was some kind of a delayed response or something. Sometime when you hold the rod/following a fish with your left thumb and reeling with your right thumb at the same time, the "delayed response" happens. The reeling process gets jerky and when you let go of the reel and/or the rod, it still reeling by itself. You have to not touching the rod when reeling, so basically if you have multiple touch at the screen, those things happens, so tried to do only one touch at the time. Kind of pain in the ass, but that's the only solution that I knew of. I haven't heard something like that on ppl using ICS.

I suggest you roll back to your previous OS to get rid of those issues. Hopefully you do a CWM backup or a full system back up before updating your OS
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