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Changing device
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River Prawn

FS Player Name: amin1989
Joined: 16 Dec 2012
Posts: 2
Level: 1
HP: 0/18
MP: 8/8
EXP: 1/9
Posted: 2012-12-17, 21:51   Changing device

Hello everybody, i wanna ask you a question..
I plan to change my phone into a new one..
How about my fishing superstars game? Is it start from beginning again? Or just add my gamevil account and it will continue playing?? I've lvl 22 already, and if start from beginning, that will be a dissappointment on me.. :(
Thank you very much before..
And sorry for my bad english..
Level: 1 HP   0%   0/18
   MP   100%   8/8
   EXP   11%   1/9

FS Player Name: Puppette
Joined: 22 Sep 2012
Posts: 105
Level: 9
HP: 0/193
MP: 92/92
EXP: 5/20
Posted: 2013-01-02, 12:00   

on the new device, it may automatically make a new player for you and not give you a choice to login to Gamevil at this stage. Just continue with it and when you get into the main menu, it should pop up a Gamevil screen - just login there with your gamevil account and your save game should download back to your new device.

If this does not work - click on the Gamevil logo on the main menu and see if you login that way.
Level: 9 HP   0%   0/193
   MP   100%   92/92
   EXP   25%   5/20

FS Player Name: tmijason
Helped: 1
Joined: 01 Aug 2012
Posts: 159
Location: Philippines
Level: 11
HP: 0/272
MP: 130/130
EXP: 17/25
Posted: 2013-01-06, 04:37   

I constantly change devices when playing without problems. I usually play on my Arc S and switch to iPhone 5 when trying to catch stronger fishes. The screen of FS on iPhone 5 is stretched which kinda sucks. Anyways, you shouldn't lose your data when switching to another device even from iOS to Android or vice versa. Happy Fishing!
Level: 11 HP   0%   0/272
   MP   100%   130/130
   EXP   68%   17/25
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