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Moved by: AbraCadaver
2013-10-16, 23:17
New fishes in NF spot
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FS Player Name: Mariusz
Helped: 7 times
Age: 37
Joined: 28 Jul 2012
Posts: 1152
Location: Cologne, Germany
Level: 29
HP: 64/2142
MP: 1022/1022
EXP: 65/94
Posted: 2013-09-12, 12:31   New fishes in NF spot

After auto download from game the description of the new spot fishes is in english and they changed the fishes at midnight port. Cant say which stat theme it is because i didnt checked it have fun so far

C ya
Level: 29 HP   3%   64/2142
   MP   100%   1022/1022
   EXP   69%   65/94

FS Player Name: BaitPro
Helped: 9 times
Joined: 19 Jul 2013
Posts: 464
Level: 19
HP: 7/798
MP: 381/381
EXP: 47/49
Posted: 2013-09-12, 14:44   

I think notice like this is good enough, I won't be making a list every time they change it now.

People can check the fish book themselves and most of the time the stats aren't that interesting.
Just one more fish...
Level: 19 HP   1%   7/798
   MP   100%   381/381
   EXP   95%   47/49

FS Player Name: msa502
Helped: 3 times
Joined: 12 May 2013
Posts: 294
Level: 16
HP: 0/556
MP: 265/265
EXP: 2/39
Posted: 2013-09-12, 19:52   

Only three interesting fish:
- Monster Pike (PID of 4.7K SSS-rank, epic)
- Walleye (+ LUCK)
- Spoted Eagle Ray (+ LUCK)
Other fish pretty much gives +ATT.

Oh, I forgot about Zebra Shark... there's a label for it >:]
Level: 16 HP   0%   0/556
   MP   100%   265/265
   EXP   5%   2/39
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