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Moved by: AbraCadaver
2013-08-20, 01:13
what's the benifits of quest????
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FS Player Name: dnascot
Joined: 07 Aug 2012
Posts: 27
Level: 3
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MP: 21/21
EXP: 9/9
Posted: 2012-08-16, 02:23   what's the benifits of quest????

whats the point to do quest beside for leveling up at low lvs. i don't care about the 5 luk baits because it only like 3 ... the exp is way to low for high lvs , the money is low, and some quest like the pike take a while for some low rewards! .... is there a quest with good thing later on or what??? so far i see quest as a waste of energy for high levels...
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   EXP   100%   9/9

FS Player Name: Mariusz
Helped: 7 times
Age: 35
Joined: 28 Jul 2012
Posts: 1152
Location: Cologne, Germany
Level: 29
HP: 85/2142
MP: 1022/1022
EXP: 65/94
Posted: 2012-08-16, 03:18   

That was my thought too but after the update for android you got the labels where you have to complete 100 quest for an upgrade only do the quests when you got enough time money bait etc. Some quests like the pike quest don't think about trying them when you are low leveld it's a waste of time and the special baits are usefull because they bring you more luck more luck means bigger fishes and even rare ones

[ Added: 2012-08-16, 03:20 ]
Maybe you don't need the sp. baits now but when you are high leveld they help you alot
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   MP   100%   1022/1022
   EXP   69%   65/94
Blanket Octopus

FS Player Name: Depi
Age: 34
Joined: 31 Jul 2012
Posts: 607
Location: Canada
Level: 22
HP: 22/1106
MP: 528/528
EXP: 33/59
Posted: 2012-08-16, 07:30   

If you unlock a new area, you're probably gonna catch all but maybe one rare fish in half a level.
So if you're spending the next 4.5 levels catching fish you already have in the book, might as well do the quest.

Cast your good rod in the premium area and just use the cheap rod and cheap gear to do the quests. When I did the snakehead quest, the fish and quest reward didn't even cover the cost of repairs.

I actually bought the most basic clothes to reduce cost and relied on my character stats to still have an easy time catching fish in previous areas.

Some quests are silly. Like "Reach level 21 and catch a goldstriped amberjack" when the lighthouse unlocks at level 30.
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Leopard Grouper

FS Player Name: ChiTea
Helped: 1
Joined: 30 Jul 2012
Posts: 91
Level: 8
HP: 0/159
MP: 76/76
EXP: 10/19
Posted: 2012-08-16, 10:31   

I play on iOS so no labels yet. I spend time grinding out exp or gold. Gold for more rods for premium areas and exp to level to improve stats for harder fish.
Level: 8 HP   0%   0/159
   MP   100%   76/76
   EXP   52%   10/19
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