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Moved by: AbraCadaver
2013-08-27, 23:55
Hero D rod?
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FS Player Name: taitea
Helped: 1
Joined: 21 Aug 2012
Posts: 33
Location: CA
Level: 4
HP: 0/61
MP: 29/29
EXP: 6/11
Posted: 2012-09-26, 06:57   Hero D rod?

was wondering what the repair bill is like on the Hero D rod?
Level: 4 HP   0%   0/61
   MP   100%   29/29
   EXP   54%   6/11

FS Player Name: Not Playing Anymore
Helped: 1
Age: 35
Joined: 06 Sep 2012
Posts: 102
Level: 9
HP: 0/193
MP: 92/92
EXP: 2/20
Posted: 2012-09-26, 09:50   

Repair cost deppends on lvl of your rod (higher lvl = higher repair).
At +8 lvl Hero D Rod repair is 226 per cast.

But why you even bother about repair cost if you have Hero D Rod?
It's like having Rolls-Royce 6.7L and you are woried about fuel economy. :mrgreen:
Level: 9 HP   0%   0/193
   MP   100%   92/92
   EXP   10%   2/20
Blanket Octopus

FS Player Name: Depi
Age: 35
Joined: 31 Jul 2012
Posts: 607
Location: Canada
Level: 22
HP: 22/1106
MP: 528/528
EXP: 33/59
Posted: 2012-09-26, 17:42   

Hero D should be the last item you buy.
Buy the clothes (like Cool Beach set) first, as they will give you tons of Luck and stats allowing you to fish at the Secret Garden with Origin Alpha +0 and such.

Consequently, by then you can rather easily cover the cost of repair and baits as long as you stay out of the first 3 areas.
Level: 22 HP   2%   22/1106
   MP   100%   528/528
   EXP   55%   33/59
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