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Moved by: AbraCadaver
2013-08-28, 00:15
Gold reel more often since update?
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Atlantic Wolffish

FS Player Name: Fourtwen
Age: 40
Joined: 02 Oct 2012
Posts: 291
Location: Florida, U.S.A.
Level: 15
HP: 4/488
MP: 233/233
EXP: 34/35
Posted: 2012-10-25, 16:52   Gold reel more often since update?

I've noticed since the update the other day, I have gotten the gold reel much more frequently. Before the update, I had gotten it twice, maybe three times. Since then, I've seen it about half a dozen times.

Anyone else seeing this? I mean, I didn't think a SSS Sea Cherry Salmon would qualify as a gold reel fish...
Level: 15 HP   1%   4/488
   MP   100%   233/233
   EXP   97%   34/35
Blanket Octopus

FS Player Name: Depi
Age: 34
Joined: 31 Jul 2012
Posts: 607
Location: Canada
Level: 22
HP: 22/1106
MP: 528/528
EXP: 33/59
Posted: 2012-10-25, 18:56   

Gold reel is relative to fish's HP, your rod and your total CTR.
Since fish's base HP isn't going to change and extra HP per rank isn't going to change, it maybe the formula has been tweaked or some rods were nerfed?
Level: 22 HP   2%   22/1106
   MP   100%   528/528
   EXP   55%   33/59
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