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Moved by: AbraCadaver
2013-09-04, 10:30
Where i am... [UPDATED]
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Level: 15
HP: 0/488
MP: 233/233
EXP: 22/35
  Posted: 2013-02-20, 21:12   Where i am... [UPDATED]

Guys, many many ppl asked me this questions, really my PRIV msg is spammed. Like you can notice there were no change, no updates etc made by me. Im actually cant play, cant be on forum, because ive got series of obstacles in my life, that i really have to overcome. I have no time and thats why you can see spammers, advertisers, hacklookers and idiots which apparently cant be banned, because by who? Same thing with no new fishes in fishbook, missing lakes in fishbook. Thats why i made a decision to give power to my good friend with whom this site wouldnt even exist. Mariusz is going to be an admin now, since im gone. Ill try to get back to help him as fast as possible. Hope he will clean sh*t there. Btw. Ive never expected this site to be something as big as it is today. Good that you ppl share you thoughts and ideas, help each other and even show your big catches : ) I wont be thankin, i just say that it is fantastic to see like big community grows and play as one team. See ya guys.


1. Awarding.

First of all, like three of choosen guys noticed i made some kind of "last granting" thats why from now on we have 3 new vips.

2 new Vips - maverick627 and timo200a, I dont know you guys, its recommendation from Mariusz, Mav is very helpful at site, he spend much time here and try to be big part of this community, and Timo is kind of our pro, ive heard that you are going to throw away chin and jap players, from me, I wish that u will kick their asses and take your rightful place at the top. Also since our biggest pro Depi is gone its good to have someone to fill a hole after his idk how to call it, retirement-for-a-unknown-amount-of-time? ;p

And my own pick, AbraCadaver as Elite Vip. Man I know you nearly from the beginning, you are here for such a long time, and I dont remember why i havent made u Vip at first run. After Mariusz and Depi i think you are right now the most trusted person here. Its very nice to have you and stay with us as long as you can, because you are the kind of person that every forum would like to have.

Congrats to this 3 guys, and now lets go to the rest of umm... Infos.

2. Advertising

Ask yourself, how did you find out this site. Most of you by facebook ad. This is simple machine, our community gets bigger when ppl cant find infos on Facebook page, they look here and find out how brilliant it is to have a forum of this game. Thats why the best idea is to go there and post a post (xd) which contains this forum adress and info about our helping community. Umm.. Yea thats all for this case. Just post a post once in a day and let the community grow :p

3. Behaviour

Short but strict. Please, dont spam, post stupid links or hacks, and try to use "SEARCH". Dont make Mariusz nor me more work. It is community not trash can.

4. Other privileges and mods?

I was thinkin about it long time and i think that this site still dont need another mods/admins etc. I was reading Mariusz posts, but I think that he didnt knew that using admin commands will be much easier than he thought, so If Mariusz can't handle the power by himself, he will speak to me, if I wont be able to help, then I will talk with Mariusz and decide who is going to be privileged. But for now it is not necessary.

5. Mariusz

Like you can see Mariusz started his reign as admin, now before you want to ask me smth, you shall ask Mariusz first. Things like Main Forum ideas, Vip Adding, E Vip Adding, HOF control, Mod/j.admin/admin control/ranks/groups/Main decisions will be still under my control, but from now on Mariusz will be my Trustee and before HE say something about one of the things up there to me, I wont be answering or listening to it. Ofc to the moment of my return.

6. When it will be? Whats up with me?

I will be checkin site, and play game for sure. I just wont be active. If there will be need for me im sure im gonna get info from Mariusz. But I cant tell you when ill be back. Week, month, year. I dont know. But I will. That you can be sure of : )

Im happy to see warm welcome for Mariusz. He arleady is doing awesome job. This time really kinda last official words, good bye all. For now.
Last edited by Malinovy on 2013-06-19, 12:52; edited 3 times in total  
Level: 15 HP   0%   0/488
   MP   100%   233/233
   EXP   62%   22/35
Livyatan Melvillei

FS Player Name: Jewbag22
Age: 36
Joined: 02 Oct 2012
Posts: 939
Location: Scotland
Level: 27
HP: 35/1795
MP: 857/857
EXP: 22/83
Posted: 2013-02-21, 00:31   

Best of luck with life Malinovy, many thanks for giving us this forum. I'm sure a lot of us would have given up without help from the excellent crowd here. It just keeps growing too :mrgreen:
We'll miss ya buddy.

Superb choice of successor too, good luck to you also Mariusz :-)
One more cast...
Level: 27 HP   2%   35/1795
   MP   100%   857/857
   EXP   26%   22/83

FS Player Name: Mariusz
Helped: 7 times
Age: 37
Joined: 28 Jul 2012
Posts: 1152
Location: Cologne, Germany
Level: 29
HP: 64/2142
MP: 1022/1022
EXP: 65/94
Posted: 2013-02-21, 08:10   

Malinovy thats the reason i had to wait over an hour to visit forum again?

Muahahaha how cool is that still cant stop laughing. Good written rules but the best was Mariusz already started to reign as admin.

Yes guys everthing is changed from now on i am the one you have to hail Muahahaha

You can call me the great dictator. Everybody who doesn't call me like that or dont post hail to the
King as i step into forum will be banned and destroyed. No just joking :-P
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Malinovy said everything important i will do my best but please first use search button instead of posting a help thread. I still have to figure out how this manage panel works. Have patience with me will do my best.

Thank you guys so far
Level: 29 HP   3%   64/2142
   MP   100%   1022/1022
   EXP   69%   65/94

FS Player Name: timo200a
Age: 43
Joined: 13 Sep 2012
Posts: 601
Location: Egypt
Level: 22
HP: 11/1106
MP: 528/528
EXP: 27/59
Posted: 2013-02-21, 10:06   

Thank you Malinovy, excellent choices as expected. I've been there too bro, no one is satisfied about how he's rolling in life, hope things get better with you soon and again THANKS A BUNCH for the brilliant idea of creating this forum :-)

Mariusz, 1st .. Hail Mariusz the great, guess we'll have to present human sacrifices soon :-P
you got a lot of horse power in there mate no wonder why everyone would like to have a german made ride (as i do .. hehe), i'ld say this isn't gonna be an easy job specially at the part of dealing with idiots but i'm sure you'll enjoy using the big guns. You've always been so helpful for newbies as well as for pros in delicate dilemmas, keep up the good work bro :-)
Hail Mariusz .. again
Hail Mariusz .. forever :-x

AbraCadaver -or Jewbag as i like to call you- i'ld just say that you're one of the two guys i enjoyed their company since day 1 i used this forum -besides the "Wanted dead or alive" Wolfie godfather Fourtwen- always looking for your posts, sometimes a guy you meet online you just wish to get to know him and hang out with in your regular life, in this case i'ld pick you.. what can i say .. i like your style dude :-)

Maverick, bro .. it's been said around here in Alexandria for a long long time, everything comes from Italy is good, as for me i like italian food, soccer (AC Milan fan here btw), language (specially the part of using 'Cutso' in every situation, you guys are hilarious) and of course Monica Bulluci.
I've seen you helping a lot, sharing ideas and enjoying good moments and laughs at some silly threads not to mention being a skilled tough-ass player, so you totally earned it bro. Congrats :-)

timo, congrats me .. lol :-)
I really don't know what a VIP rank is (probably like S-rank as obviously Mariusz got the SSS, Jewbag got the SS), still have to search and figure it out but anyway this forum is the best place for me to hang out online, helping fresh meat and kicking stupid asses has always been a pleasure, really honoured to have all the guys around here.

I can't forget about the other awesome members been active here for a long time like Alvinol, Lewjeffa, Keomarsl ..etc or the newly active ones like 26472d and so many others but guys your posts are the blood that keep this forum alive an in perfect shape.

Level: 22 HP   1%   11/1106
   MP   100%   528/528
   EXP   45%   27/59
Goonch Catfish

FS Player Name: 6271mave
Age: 33
Joined: 12 Oct 2012
Posts: 547
Location: Italy
Level: 21
HP: 9/996
MP: 475/475
EXP: 29/56
Posted: 2013-02-21, 11:14   

Congrats to all of you guys, because all your work is great, your help, support and guides are very important and I hope from now they're will be more preciuos.
I understand perfectly how Malinovy feels, because i had a similar experience 2 years ago.. I was the "Head-chief" of a group in a game called "Triavian" you know? if not is a tactical game on-line, 24/7 (never stops!!) in real time and you have to battle with peple all over the world for a time between 7 monts and a year..depends how much the gruops are stronger.
However..during half play, like 3-4 months spending to raise the top and stare there, and recluting something like 1500 player under my "ideas" i was forced to stop playing to care about my wife who gets pregnant.
In that case the choise was easy, but how could it explain at over 1500 people who had spend they're time, money and days, for me untill that moment?
and with my surprise they have nothing to say, just "best wishes,congrats and so on.."in 2 days they re-assets the situation and 5 months later my group win the competition..

So..don't worry "little boy" is in good hands, and we care about it.!
Best wishes for you and for your life man, and be always proud for your creation!
:evil: ""Not afraid of crying, sorrow and foe.Not afraid of falling down below.To the night, recklessly we fly.Like living dead, we'll never die"" :evil:
Level: 21 HP   1%   9/996
   MP   100%   475/475
   EXP   51%   29/56
Livyatan Melvillei

FS Player Name: Jewbag22
Age: 36
Joined: 02 Oct 2012
Posts: 939
Location: Scotland
Level: 27
HP: 35/1795
MP: 857/857
EXP: 22/83
Posted: 2013-02-21, 20:57   

Wow thanks, I'm honoured. Slight moment of relief there too, I thought for a second that my screen was going wonky with the funny colours :lol:

Congrats to Timo and Maverick too ^_^

Timo, thanks mate I feel the same dude. Looking for your post in a thread because I just know whatever you've said is gonna tickle me the right way man. damn good guy with a wicked sense if humour, would definitely hang with ya if I could, not to mention your total dominance of Korea lol

Don't know Maverick so well but you come across as another good guy that likes a laugh and likes to help. You can never have enough people like that.

Mariusz, I've already given you glowing recommendations elsewhere on the site so ill only say this...


To be honest I spend more time browsing the forum now than playing FS (still no bloody Wolfie lol) and that says it all about this place :-)

[ Added: 2013-02-21, 22:06 ]
I'm SS rank lmao :mrgreen:
One more cast...
Level: 27 HP   2%   35/1795
   MP   100%   857/857
   EXP   26%   22/83

FS Player Name: Erysz6
Joined: 29 Aug 2012
Posts: 46
Level: 5
HP: 0/81
MP: 38/38
EXP: 8/13
Posted: 2013-02-21, 22:59   

Best fishing superstars site yet very helpful made me the fisherman in this game today had it not been for thisppost wouldnt have bosses or stars fish. Best of luck Malinovy

Fishing superstar player,

Level: 5 HP   0%   0/81
   MP   100%   38/38
   EXP   61%   8/13
Laced Moray

FS Player Name: alvinol
Joined: 11 Oct 2012
Posts: 396
Level: 18
HP: 7/711
MP: 339/339
EXP: 24/45
Posted: 2013-02-24, 12:14   

congrats to all you guys.
i also know all of you for a long time now, what i love about this community is that it is very friendly, helpful. i think this is actually quite rare to see online these days, always so many rude people.

anyways, i'm sure you all will do a great job :mrgreen:
Level: 18 HP   1%   7/711
   MP   100%   339/339
   EXP   53%   24/45
Livyatan Melvillei

FS Player Name: Jewbag22
Age: 36
Joined: 02 Oct 2012
Posts: 939
Location: Scotland
Level: 27
HP: 35/1795
MP: 857/857
EXP: 22/83
Posted: 2013-02-25, 01:02   

Lol the only trolls are us when there are hackers loose mate ;-)
One more cast...
Level: 27 HP   2%   35/1795
   MP   100%   857/857
   EXP   26%   22/83
River Prawn

FS Player Name: Somsiad
Joined: 02 Apr 2013
Posts: 8
Level: 1
HP: 0/18
MP: 8/8
EXP: 7/9
Posted: 2013-04-04, 10:11   

add me Somsiad
Level: 1 HP   0%   0/18
   MP   100%   8/8
   EXP   77%   7/9
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