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Moved by: AbraCadaver
2013-09-04, 11:25
Hard time for me.
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Level: 15
HP: 0/488
MP: 233/233
EXP: 22/35
Posted: 2012-08-03, 00:47   Hard time for me.

I just came up and invented this forum to help you, but now im gonna say a sad news. I was at the beach (real one) and I dont know what happend, but my screen got destroyed. Now im out of phone. Can't play and update anything. Hope good ppl like Mariusz and wolf, are going to help and update fishes. Im gonna still take care of site and try to help, my mother have and phone, ill try to do smth but for now I have to say sorry. Make this site grow :) Greets, Malinovy.
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Level: 15 HP   0%   0/488
   MP   100%   233/233
   EXP   62%   22/35

FS Player Name: Mariusz
Helped: 7 times
Age: 36
Joined: 28 Jul 2012
Posts: 1152
Location: Cologne, Germany
Level: 29
HP: 64/2142
MP: 1022/1022
EXP: 65/94
Posted: 2012-08-03, 01:15   kamil don't worry

Don't worry i will try to Do my best to care about this site unfortunaly i don't got many time in the week but at weekend i will start to add all of my 120 catched fishes and finish the fishing site topics hope you will soon back because gamevil got a new update and its really great
Level: 29 HP   3%   64/2142
   MP   100%   1022/1022
   EXP   69%   65/94
River Prawn

FS Player Name: ashleyjr
Age: 27
Joined: 07 Sep 2012
Posts: 3
Level: 1
HP: 0/18
MP: 8/8
EXP: 2/9
Posted: 2012-09-10, 05:35   

hey does any one knows what is best bait for a striped gudgeon ? and where to catch one cuz i cant find it on my illustrated book but in one of my quest it saids i have catch 4
Level: 1 HP   0%   0/18
   MP   100%   8/8
   EXP   22%   2/9
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