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Whats been talked between micha and me
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FS Player Name: Mariusz
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  Posted: 2013-08-18, 03:34   Whats been talked between micha and me

Posted:Yesterday 20:08 

Hello,As I see it got a slight confusion. Could you write me something more about the payments made to Malinovy​​? More specifically, in terms of the amount and who paid them.Also, I would have a proposal for you. From what I saw on the forum you wanted support on the functioning of the forum so you may want to take care of him as the chief administrator? With Malinovy ​​I determined that I would not meddled in the affairs of the Board and that he had pursued further as it is currently.

My answer: Hey michal,First of all i have to say that no one of us pro users have anything against you. If you will make it better then its good. Its just that mali posted about a month ago that you told him to close our forum because will be closed too and our site wont have any web space server. And that you told him that the only chance to save the forum free of is to pay you money for it. I dont know exactly but i think he told you want about 400 € for givin us the data of the site to transfer it to our own server. Of course mali deleted this topic so i cant proof if, but you can ask the users in here its like i told.I didnt believed it from beginning what mali said so i started to search something about it. Then i found out on your forum buying topic and malis post that we have the best forum with the most users and posts at . If you check the link below you will see that all the things mali promised are the same that you wrote under your buying forum password is JBWASHERE, to see this post.Since a long time we pro users pleased mali to give me or the pros more rights, just to makd the site more better. Many ideas we had, but mali didnt wanted to make it. He wasnt showing up at all in here for month. We as the pro users dont want to be admins. We just want to be the best forum of all about this game. We all have unwritten rules like no spamming, only proofed rules will be posted. No so many vip's, you have to earn it. But mali called newbies as vip short time ago. Those new vips are giving fake and non proofed infos what we cant accept. The site had his problems from beginning. And it was really hard to making it to what it is. I and all the other pros had a hard time to figure out how to change stuff etc. Thank you that you want making me main admin, i feel honored about it. But if i have to do it then only with full rights. Why i want that is easy, because as a co admin i never did anything here by my own. I always talked with the others before. My idea was a forum where not only one admin is making decisions. New ideas or changes have to be talked first under the pros. If we as a group family decide that it is the best for the forum we will make it happen. Let me talk to the others first. I will tell them that i am in contact with you and that you seem to be fair and dont wang to loose your most important members. After i calmed them down we will see how this forum will go on.No one of us want to loose this forum. We love it and it is our second home. But we only stay if we will be treated fair and not betrayed.Sorry for so much words but i wanted to tell you all what went wrong. I hope you help us to making the forum better.
Thank you and greetz Mariusz 

Micha: The closing first hear ... This is where a thriving business and is not planning to close it :) So Malinovy ​​probably passed from the truth ... Only I would like to assure you that any money from Malinovy ​​not want. Altough buys online forums, this Malinovy ​​himself reporting to me and offered for sale. If necessary I can provide you his full name.Of course, my suggestion applies to full administrator rights (full access to the admin forum and you draw the same team). I will deal with technical issues.Regarding the board's proposal is only accessible byh "authorities" I do not see contraindications. A total of strange that takowego is not here. I drove for the last few years a few forums. Currently, these be honest that's just today I installed the game on your tablet;)The forum will probably want to put 2-3 entities under advertising, however, we will try to do so as not to interfere with the use of forums (eg, visible only to logged in users do not).I must admit that it was going to be fun ... a forum for people with a passion for the game, and there came out of the affair. Personally, I say it might be better as it explained everything now rather than later if the money has been collected more ... 

Mariusz: Doesnt sound bad what you wrote about the admin stuff. I am not into the technical stuff at all. All we want is a fair and honest forum. If some big changes will happen we only want to be informed. If some intern site stuff will be changed then we want to be involved. I mean something like new vips or topic stuff thats all we want. Its nothing big. Maybe a bit more options at the Administration panel under the forum Management. Cant explain it better. Nothing like we want to be in hostinv stuff or something. And because of his betrayl we want to get kicked out mali. Sounds like hard but for us its only about the site the rest will be under your hand still so what do you think about a second chancr for the forum. In hope to make it better. 

Micha: Of course, in the case of major changes I will keep you posted. As for the group, the team and the overall functioning of the forum I leave it to you to freedom. As I mentioned just installed this game, so you have a lot more knowledge about the functioning of this forum. With regard to the administration panel allows a great freedom in the configuration;) Of course you can think about its expansion. Modifications to phpBB by Przemo a lot, just a matter of what would be needed.And as for Malinovy ​​this chciałbmy give him a chance of defense. Maybe this could be the whole situation with the money and give it to explain what he took. If something makes sense does not explain the occurrence of this forum will be banned. 

Mariusz: Thats sounds fair at all. You are in between 2chairs so you have to hear both sides. I just have only one last wish or please to you. Can you make a second member chief administrator too. His name is toffer. Let me explain why, i dont have any good knowledge about computers at all. And for me it was quite to handle all the admin stuff and panel before. He is one of the pros and a very trusted user. He helped me handle the panel in the past. And almost everything i made in our forum i did it with him. I already talked with the pros and him if they are ok with it. They all told me that they think its a great idea. And we always thought that it would be better having 2 admin just in case if one admin wont have time to take care about the forum. There is still another admin who is in here. That will guarantee a full time care of the forum, user and user request.Nice to hear that you are trying to play the game. Of course every one of us will help you if you need help. We are daily here talking at the shout box or how we call it our 2nd home.
 Greetz Mariusz 

Micha: Okay, I gave you an administrator. As for the number of administrators, then I think that the best option is to choose such two junior admins who will have some administrative rights.The case of Malinovy ​​would like to explain how I see today was online but did not answer PM. I sent him another message. I hope I can get him to realize that the Internet is not anonymous and should honestly pay money received from users. 

Mariusz: Did you made me already to an administrator because i am still co admin. Anyways i would please you making toffer as an admin instead of me, because he has the better knowledge about the admin panel. Hope it doesnt make any problem to make him. He would love to make the job, he is trusted and would do a better job then i ever could do. If you want you can make me as a junior admin but this isnt a must. I am fine woth only beeing elite vip as before. And i am sure that toffer as an chief admin would be enough. If you name him to it i have no concerns about it that he is doing alone by himself without any other co- / junior admin.Please dont understand it wrong i liked the job but i have to keep the forum in mind. And making a decision which is the best for our forum. I never did the job for the fame or to feel bigger then i am. I did it because i was the first user in here and the guy who had the idea of the forum with mali. Even if he did the most work, creating and opening this site. Hope you agree with me greetz Mariusz 

Mariusz again: Forgot something, people in here pleased me to ask if you could make the icons in post in english please. Like usun = delete and so on. Thanks for that and for taking so much time for our forum and our issues / wishes. Thats all for now if anything else will be i or toffer will pm you 

Micha: Ok, in that case can not be two administrators mm and does not personally made ​​a difference for you :) powers are already vested, I wrote an earlier post and in a hurry I left the house and forgot to set permissions;)Regarding the Toffer00 Admin is no problem. After all, you better know the people, and if you think that Toffer00 suited to the most'm too :)When it comes to graphics that are the Polish then give me a minute. By the end of the week I'll try to refine existing style so that it fill in all English-speaking. 

Mariusz: Thank you very much for that fast help,I already did the permission after timo recognized it. Dont worry about that.In case of admin topic section, in fact its more a vip section, all important pros have the pw for it. Its more about that everyone who have the rights to decide together at least is kind of a mini admin. Because of getting the chance to decide and create together while main admin will make it at the end.The icons can wait till weekend no prob and thanks again, thats really the last of me, from now on toff will stay in contact with you. C you 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thats all folks
Level: 29 HP   3%   64/2142
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FS Player Name: JustGary
Age: 44
Joined: 20 Feb 2013
Posts: 166
Level: 11
HP: 0/272
MP: 130/130
EXP: 24/25
Posted: 2013-08-18, 07:31   

I have a screen shot of all the malinovy money thread and etc. It is on one of my memory cards, I will find it and pm it or post it in here.

As for the goings on, I'm all for and support the changes with the admin stuff and etc.

And Marisusz, hide the password in the thread or change to a fake one if it isn't already fake. I have no desire to try and be sneaky and test it out or any of that, so just wanted to make you aware of that.

And as always, if you need any technical advice etc, I offer my services if you need it.
Level: 11 HP   0%   0/272
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   EXP   96%   24/25

FS Player Name: toffer00
Helped: 2 times
Age: 37
Joined: 08 Oct 2012
Posts: 841
Location: Germany
Level: 26
HP: 32/1637
MP: 781/781
EXP: 2/78
Posted: 2013-08-18, 13:12   

I have a screen shot of all the malinovy money thread and etc. It is on one of my memory cards, I will find it and pm it or post it in here.

It sounds very good....plz post it here kam....we have miss the chance to take a screenshot.
I know anke had some...but bot the whole topic..only the half or smthink like that.
Thanks in advance kam.!!!
Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal

Level: 26 HP   2%   32/1637
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