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Off-topic: Jokes hangout :-)
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FS Player Name: toffer00
Helped: 2 times
Age: 36
Joined: 08 Oct 2012
Posts: 841
Location: Germany
Level: 26
HP: 32/1637
MP: 781/781
EXP: 2/78
Posted: 2013-06-22, 23:31   

Boom Boom
Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal

Last edited by Toffer00 on 2013-06-23, 09:13; edited 1 time in total  
Level: 26 HP   2%   32/1637
   MP   100%   781/781
   EXP   2%   2/78

FS Player Name: timo200a
Age: 42
Joined: 13 Sep 2012
Posts: 601
Location: Egypt
Level: 22
HP: 22/1106
MP: 528/528
EXP: 27/59
Posted: 2013-06-23, 02:17   

Lol toffee .. u sick mind :-P

Level: 22 HP   2%   22/1106
   MP   100%   528/528
   EXP   45%   27/59

FS Player Name: Mariusz
Helped: 7 times
Age: 36
Joined: 28 Jul 2012
Posts: 1152
Location: Cologne, Germany
Level: 29
HP: 64/2142
MP: 1022/1022
EXP: 65/94
Posted: 2013-07-04, 03:18   

What was the most intelligent part in a woman ever???
- Einsteins dick!!! :-D

Whats the best about fucking a homeless woman???
- You dont need to drive her home after :-D

[ Added: 2013-07-05, 14:19 ]
A father and his son are out for fishing. The son asks: Dad can i try it too?
The father answers: Well son, is your dick long enough to reach your asshole?
Son: No dad, its not. Well then you cant try it son, answers the dad.
After it they go for hunting. The son asks again: Dad can i try it too?
Again the dad asks: Son is your dick long enough to reach your asshole now?
The son answers: No dad its still not. Well, says the dad, then you still cant try it.
After that the dad sees that his son is angry so he goes to buy him a lotterie coupon and promises that he can keep the whole money if he wins.
At the evening they watching the lotterie at the tv and the son wins the jackpot. The dad is so happy and asks: My son will you share a bit of your winning with your loving dad?
The son asks: Is your dick long enough to reach your asshole, dad? Of course, answers the dad.
The son says: THEN GO AND FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!
Level: 29 HP   3%   64/2142
   MP   100%   1022/1022
   EXP   69%   65/94
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