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  Topic: [Rare] 'The Galaxy' fishing rod.

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PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-08-14, 00:17   Subject: [Rare] 'The Galaxy' fishing rod.
lolz this is my rod guide man :mrgreen:
Here the link:
  Topic: Upgrade failing fury !!!!

Replies: 9
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PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-08-04, 14:03   Subject: Upgrade failing fury !!!!
same here...yesterday GV tested my patience again with its Anti-Upgrade System!!
First, I managed to win at 28th place in Sunday's Global Competition which I got 100 Stars + 30 Pearls; Those Pearls net me 15 Premium Scrolls which made me ended up believing that I can pass my LV 20 upgrade for my OT. Before upgrading with Pr.Scrolls, I did the normal upgrade first to test my luck, yet same failure as result. Then, I tried the "Premium for nothing" Upgrade, and I failed yet again. After then, with leftover upgrade scrolls, I managed another 2x upgrades to bet all my chips for just 1 LV of upgrade that will grant me a mere 30~50 ATK/SKL/CON to live my another day of FS's day. Hell yes~~ with the Anti-Upgrade System being activated, all the attempts failed with a smile on my face...*damn GV, you smartass! i'm not going to surrender now with mere failure like this since I have played FS for 2 yrs...a hard-work of 2-hours non-stopping global fishing competition is wasted :mrgreen:
  Topic: Upgrade failing fury !!!!

Replies: 9
Views: 9604

PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-08-03, 17:38   Subject: Upgrade failing fury !!!!
Reading from every sad posts here leads me to believe that i'm also a victim within thousands who had tried their best yet without any reward from damn GV. There're plenty of abrupt changes in this 2nd Season which shock players like us, "happy fishermen", so nastily, so cruelly, example...with their dirty "EVENT" tricks. I'm also discouraging to upgrade any piece of costumes and rods. Think about it, why does GV so generous with many upgrade potions, stars, etc which didn't happen when we were playing during Season 1 a year ago. Are these fortunate gifts tell us about anything fishy? From my own point of view, I still continue this game since I love Fishing and I would like to know more about fishes inside new opening sites in the future. Upgrade, Combine, Pearls, Coupons and other "gaming" stuffs are merely part of the entertainment. But, come to think of it again, without these poisonous entertainment, FS is just a plain Fishing game with different fishes successfully bite everytime and we will always have to breed star fishes for new rods and costume. There's no real danger or thrill to set us back; there's no extra sweet juice to be sipped. thus, Happy fisherman "Jay" will still continue :mrgreen:
  Topic: 3 Star Tank Friend Needed..

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PostForum: Friends   Posted: 2014-07-07, 17:52   Subject: 3 Star Tank Friend Needed..
Jasha08 (lvl 38)
breed 3 stars, but I can catch AW with rough FTF
Gift Daily (only Energy and Event gifts)
Active Daily :mrgreen:
  Topic: Metallic / Infinite : What reel is better to combine ?

Replies: 2
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PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-07-07, 16:23   Subject: Metallic / Infinite : What reel is better to combine ?
It's my first time to see a reel with luck stat :shock:
From my point of view, combine those two reels to above lvl 5 and you'll see what 3 stats each reel possess.

Excellent: 3 Special Stats (e.g. CRI, Skill Gage, Elasticity)
Very Good: 2 Special Stats + 1 Normal Stat (e.g. ATK/SKL/CTR)
Good: 1 Special Stat + 2 Normal Stats
Normal: 3 Normal Stats

Judging from the combing result, you can tell which reel has better potential.
Normal stats can combine up max to 150, and after that, every lvl of combine will add to your Special Effect if you're lucky to get 2 Special Stats.

(Good, 1SS + 2NS, but the 5th one, Elasticity, lvl up consecutively after reaching lvl 30th)

(Very Good, 2SS + 1NS, after maxing SKL, Serenity and No Dive lvl up tremendously)

Infinite Bait Reel has 40 lvl of combine which is better choice for combine.
I wonder can we acquire Luck stat with combine.
  Topic: Unfair rod upgrade system of GV

Replies: 14
Views: 15250

PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-07-07, 14:44   Subject: Unfair rod upgrade system of GV
This morning I tried to upgrade my +12 equipment to +15 while burning +100 stars and +200 scrolls for consecutive tries. Every level upgrade cost me 2-3 failures, but I notice if you try once today, another tomorrow, the chance may likely to be less since i failed to upgrade this +12 equip several times in the past. We all know the best way to save stars and gold is to upgrade during upgrade event, but I know I don't have much patience to wait for another month to come. Stocking upgrade scrolls and stars is what i practice everyday...and I am sure it's hard to get a higher upgrade potion from coupons and Infinity ship.
  Topic: Unfair rod upgrade system of GV

Replies: 14
Views: 15250

PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-07-04, 14:44   Subject: Unfair rod upgrade system of GV
My friend, I believe you're not the only one here who has this strong complain after being cheated by GV. Sometimes I think we players play harder and harder not only for the purpose of enjoying this fishing game, but to compete for the best title we can possess. Talking about upgrade failure, it becomes more strict compared to Season I when GV acting like they want to suck your money dry with ton of Ads. Some ppl state reinstalling your game works, and others say the chance is random. So I bet nobody is really sure and it depends on individual luck.

My suggestion is that you should keep trying. Stars can be earned as upgrade scrolls can be requested. But, your will to continue this game will fade away if you lose hope. " Patience " is your motto, right?
  Topic: Feb 2014 [3Star Tank] Player list

Replies: 50
Views: 34138

PostForum: Friends   Posted: 2014-06-02, 10:38   Subject: Feb 2014 [3Star Tank] Player list
ID: Jasha08
Just starting 3* farm!! Gift & Request twice daily!!
  Topic: [Advanced] Dot Fishes UNITE!

Replies: 20
Views: 15481

PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-05-15, 18:12   Subject: [Advanced] Dot Fishes UNITE!
@oni I read in Japanese version too still 100 stars + 3x SS-pearls
  Topic: Game has reset itself to the start

Replies: 2
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PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-05-03, 08:10   Subject: Game has reset itself to the start
sorry to hear such an unfortunate....
reading from your texts, i'm still not clear...
first, how type of account did you register before? Facebook account or simply Gamevil account...
if possible, show us some screen picture on your phone so we can find way to help!

[ Added: 2014-05-03, 14:15 ]
Come to think of it I had never signed up for a gameville password till the other day. The only reason I did was for another gameville game to get a few stars for this game

I guess you mean you've signed up via Facebook account. if so, why can't you log in? as i said earlier, show us your screen picture!
  Topic: Family Fish

Replies: 55
Views: 38623

PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-04-28, 06:54   Subject: Family Fish
for peacock bass, low luck + S-bug works for me!
  Topic: [9 Stars Era] Giant Barb / Bull Shark

Replies: 157
Views: 112063

PostForum: Friends   Posted: 2014-04-23, 14:37   Subject: [9 Stars Era] Giant Barb / Bull Shark
Everyone is welcome :hug:
  Topic: An Environmental Campaign

Replies: 5
Views: 4726

PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-04-23, 14:24   Subject: An Environmental Campaign
For ppl struggling with old boots and empty cans, here's my advice.
1) equip Breadcrumb
2) go to Red Lotus Pond for Old boots / Whirlpool Cave for Empty cans
3) throw your line at the shortest distance (under 20m)
4) if you already got 2 old boots in RLP
5) switch the spot and go to WC for another 2 empty cans
6) repeat the process (for me, i found 2 boots/cans as my limit at a time)
7) sooner or later you'll get 20 of those with smile on your face
  Topic: [Advanced] Sushi? Grilled?

Replies: 20
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PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-04-20, 12:06   Subject: [Advanced] Sushi? Grilled?
Turbooo7 wrote:

Hey Jay, yeah the Chilean did piss me off. I threw about 50 S-Earthworms with 2xB or 2xA chums each time. Caught 6 Butterfish, 5 Sea Cherries, and only 1 Chilean.

Then today during the Hainosaurus event I threw 1xSSS Chum for the dino, caught him in 25 minutes then threw 7 S-Minnow casts into Weird Rock Bridge before the Chum expired. I got 2 out of the 7 Chilean.

So, if you have time you can throw 100 S-Earthworms and you'll eventually get all of them. Or if you have an SSS chum to spare just throw that and some minnows to save time.

@Turboo7, Finally got 3+ for Chilean badasses! Thx to your advice, I've spared a SSS-chum for a test while catching 3 Chileans out of 10...without chum, 1 Chilean is extremely rare just as trying to catch a SBW. By the time I got 2 Chileans, I also got 2 AWs and 1 SBW (nah, my SSeeker couldn't stand the heat of SBW, lost it back to the sea :p)

@Baity, I think my poor rods like HStorms or FBlades are low on luck, thus i was having a difficult time with CSB. you see, SSS-chum works its magic wonderfully!
  Topic: [Advanced] EVENT

Replies: 22
Views: 15073

PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-04-09, 14:23   Subject: [Advanced] EVENT
Thx Baity!! Nice Event from Gamevil :mrgreen:
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