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  Topic: New event - Carnations

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PostForum: Events   Posted: 2015-05-22, 18:55   Subject: New event - Carnations
pax77, u got a decent guild m8 ?
glad to have all oldies on our side at the forum guild
please let us know.

  Topic: Hello everyone!

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PostForum: Introduce Yourself   Posted: 2015-05-06, 00:47   Subject: Hello everyone!
welcome Brad
out of curiosity, how many points can u make averagely at the guild battle ?
and what do u mean by a fair'y good rod? like an OT+ category or a rare rod?
also, some stats would clear more things out .. att, ctr ...etc

  Topic: Hello

Replies: 5
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PostForum: Introduce Yourself   Posted: 2015-04-27, 01:49   Subject: Hello
top 3 of what ? lol
make sure you havn't mistyped a few zeros at that score part.

  Topic: FSUF Guild Member(s) Wanted

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PostForum: Friends   Posted: 2015-04-27, 01:40   Subject: FSUF Guild Member(s) Wanted
I'll just add that FTR, our top 10 total score is around 250k .. so during critical times every guilder shall be there backing up his brothers, sometimes 10k pts won't be just enough and more pts might be needed.

happy guilding 8-)

  Topic: What does deleting game data do exactly?

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PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-08-04, 15:53   Subject: What does deleting game data do exactly?
hi everyone

i had and still have the locked boss bug which shows up every time a new small file download comes around like events, sales, new spots, new game mkdes . etc

acctually it's kimda helping with competitions where bosses biting the same competition fish 1st bait can be really a pain in the as* e.g: BE during Longtail Opaleye or California sheepshead competitions where I have to use my best luck gear of 341 base luck and 306 in-field luck !

so one more last time, I'm saying .. if anyone got the "Locked Boss" bug - in which the game isn't recognizing the spot fish book fullfilment - you got 2 possible solutions:

■ 50% working on most generic, HTC, Motorola and some non S series Samsung Galaxies. It's just by clearing the game app cache then/and app data, which is around 120 mb. After running the game again a fresh Game data files will be downloades and will ask for a "Start with facebook" if it's a linked account, the process will continue safely and automatically. If not a fb-linked account, you just have to use the regular old GV live account username and password.

■ 100% working on all devices is:
1- Clear game app cache.
2- Delete game app data.
3- wait for 10 sec (slow devices) or just press "force stop" then approve the next warning.
4- Un-install the game completely.
5- Restart your device.
6- Re-Install the game (around 47 mb download)
7- Run the game and the new game data BIG files download will show up (120+ mb), if you're on 3/4G will get a warning of data charges and if on wifi the download will start spontinously.
8- once the download is over the game intro will show up, press anywhere and you'll get the "start with facebook" button, press it. Otherwise use the GV live login box will show up if it's NOT a f/b linked account.
9- NEW SMALL FILE(S) DOWNLOAD will start automatically for the current events, sales ..etc that's normal

IMPORTANT note: as far as for the current version, whenever a NEW SMALL FILE(s) DOWNLOAD shows up you'll still gonna GET THE BUG over and over AGAIN!
it's the main cause of the bug, small files downloads over/replacing the old ones .. something like that as far as I've monitorred this whole shi* !

I've spammed GV with zillions of emails and reports but they responded only twice with the regular basic cashe clearing blablabla then after a while when I sent them what I'm doing everytime they said they're working on a perminant solution and they're sorry .. lol!

On a side note, If you're interested in total length or points global competitions then you MUST fix it before the competition, obviously to get boss catches big score boosts.
But for regular competitions and Count/Total Rank Global competitions then it's kindof an advantage to keep the bug, again obviously to save time and frustration of intentionally line snapping with hooked bosses .. tough moments indeed!

Hope that covers it, G.Luck :-)

  Topic: [Advance] EVENT

Replies: 3
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PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-07-13, 07:04   Subject: [Advance] EVENT
Thank you Caer_rip, appreciate your time and effort posting this one.
I beleive it's a matter of time issue with most of the veterns in here, hope this gonna be busy soon again.


[ Added: 2014-07-13, 07:07 ]
Oh one more thing, no spinner for the red seabream at all, probably a typo cause its crank as a last weak choice but still counts anyway, good luck 8-)
  Topic: Cheer for competing nations!

Replies: 12
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PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-07-12, 21:56   Subject: Cheer for competing nations!
Marojin, those 2 epics still not out yet and will be added within the next MP list, hang on.

  Topic: Unfair rod upgrade system of GV

Replies: 14
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PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-07-04, 18:11   Subject: Unfair rod upgrade system of GV
Stop whinning .. Gamevil for ONCE was HONEST and CLEARLY stating that:
● Upgrades upto lvl 3 MAXXXXX are the only 100% success guaranteed.
● Upgrades starting from lvl 3-->4 may FAIL and you guys still go for it, the guy above did 10 more consecutive crimes till lvl13 and he got away with them .. now seriously .. who scammed who?
● Upgrades using Potions (regular ones) is 100% successful and you guys still go for the risky way .. again who wants to work around who!
● Scrolls upgrades costs xxx.everything u know.xxxx + more repair costs = less outcome = less cards = less of 100% guaranteed potions .. now .. GV isnt the smart one in here .. it's just ... hmmm .. you know!
● I can enlist 10 more reasons for not going for those rediculous upgrades but I know already you guys will STILL go for upgrades .. you want everthing fast .. for brags mainly and after all the faster you rise, the faster you go down = quit !

● my best rod is still at lvl 17 (I got a free lvl 18 potion)
● last night out of 4 mil at the 10k gamble, i got away with 4 or 5 lvl 11-13 potions (none used tho)

Keep upgrading .. lmao LMAO

  Topic: Cheers for Competing Nations 2.0

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PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-06-28, 22:29   Subject: Cheers for Competing Nations 2.0
Good job ponxienator
Please allow me to revise some points:

★ Brazil - king Salmon: I'd recommend S-Worm/BBB while using a few rods, it's already an event running at Lion Teeth with 10 min shortenned waiting time, as for synthetics minnows outcome might be a bit hard for many players, if necessary like for the guys who have a few good rods then cranks and its derivatives (Ornament, Master's baits ...etc) are a better option.

★ Colombia - Emperor Snapper: S-Worm yes yes yes but Minnows over standerd Cranks.

★ Netherland - Salmon: Spinners over Cranks and minnows, if you got the patience S-Paste/Shrimps.

★ Costa Rica - Sea Bass: any rank Worm or BBB will limit the side catches of others above baits and at the same time you can get Belgium - Halibut.

★ US - Titan Triggerfish: Of course Spinners come over Minnows if you're already done with the 15 Argentina - California Sheepshead.

★ I don't know if this might work out with anyone's else lick range but I got a few bites of King Slmons using the event's football while hunting the swiss spangled perch .. my luck stat is quite high tbh.

Hope that helps and thanks again ponx for your effort, keep it up bro :-o

  Topic: Cheer for competing nations!

Replies: 12
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PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-06-21, 14:30   Subject: Cheer for competing nations!
The spangled Perch (Switzerland) should be back again at Lion Teeth premium site instead of the King Salmon (Brazil) within 2 days or something.

In case anyone misses some fishes don't worry, they will add and circulate the full list at Midnight Port.


  Topic: Cheer for competing nations!

Replies: 12
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PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-06-19, 02:06   Subject: Cheer for competing nations!
All the event fishes hit on their regular version baits, e.g Fat Bass (Portugal - Clam Beach) bites Crank, Minnow and Shrimp so just target it like you do with the regular Fat Bass at Sunset Lighthouse (I recommend highest luck possible and 3x Decent chum you can afford).

Check the illustrated book for recommended baits of each fish accordingly.

@Ponx: as written above you may earn 60 rewards from Group B/D/E so it's 120 Master's baits from group D and so on.


  Topic: Cheer for competing nations!

Replies: 12
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PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-06-17, 04:48   Subject: Cheer for competing nations!


1. Enjoy the festival with your friends!
Souvenirs are available to GIFTING option.
Watch and cheer your favorite team with friends!

* +11 Energy pack (recommended to be sent for Toffer00 only :-P )
* +10 Luck S-Paste bait ball (Recommended gift by everyone else)

2. Festival Illustrated Book Event
During the event, you'll find fishes that bear flags of competing nations.
Catch them and complete the Illustrated Book for rewards!

- 4 new Illustrated Books added.
- Go to Misc > Illustrated Book for more details!


3. Cheer for competing nations!
(Date: 6/12 1pm - 6/26 1pm PDT)

Catch fishes of competing nations and get Stars!
If that nation advances to the round of 16, you'll receive additional group rewards!

★ Get [2 Stars] per fish type caught! (Up to 64 Stars total)
★ Catch fishes of competing nations which advance to the round of 16 and get 1 Group reward per fish!
(Up to 30 rewards per group)
★ Catch 3+ fishes for every fish type and get additional 110 Stars!

Group Rewards
● Group A (Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon) - Golden Key
● Group B (Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia) - 2 Item Upgrade Scrolls
● Group C (Colombia, Greece, Japan, Côte d’Ivoire) - Energy (+30)
● Group D (Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy) - 2 Master's Baits
● Group E (Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras) - 2 Fishing Site Invitation Tickets
● Group F (Argentina, Bosnia, Iran, Nigeria) - S-Rank Chum
● Group G (Germany, Portugal, Ghana, United States) - A-Rank Synthetic Material
● Group H (South Korea, Belgium, Russia, Algeria) - 3 Stars

- Check your progress by going to Misc > Event menu.
- An event for beginners will be held separately. (Check Misc > Event for details.)
- You may earn up to 30 gifts for group rewards. (You may earn 60 rewards from Group B/D/E. Group H offers up to 90 Stars!)
i.e.) If you catch 29 South Korean fishes and 10 Belgian fishes & both nations advance to the round of 16, then you'll get 90 Stars!


Catch fishes of competing nations PART 2! Coming soon!

Date: 6/28 9am - 7/13 12pm PDT
Check more details after [Event 3] ends.


* I'll try put the fish list in details asap and for the guys who missed some of the 1st 16 I think you don't have to worry about that cause the illustrated book mentions the epic version of them so - and I'm just guessing so far - all the event's list will be added at MP soon, may be after tonight's maintenance is over.

* who will qualify and who won't .. well .. I ssggest you ho after 27 of the strongest team fish + 3 of all other 3 teams ones ( of course that doesn't apply for Brazillian King Salmon at Lion Teeth premium site or at least not for everyone!).

Cheers and Good Luck from Daddy TIMO
  Topic: [Advanced] EVENT

Replies: 6
Views: 6730

PostForum: Events   Posted: 2014-06-06, 15:23   Subject: [Advanced] EVENT
The Belted Beard Grunt does NOT ever hit on Worms .. never .. ever!
Paste, Spinner, E.Worm and Bug in that exact order.

  Topic: upgrade scrolls

Replies: 3
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PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-05-29, 04:50   Subject: upgrade scrolls
Its an event discount, 30% of scrolls costs .. been there for 3 or 4 days now.
The ad was in korean version only till last night, now shown in english I guess.

  Topic: Golden Tiger Rod

Replies: 6
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PostForum: Talking   Posted: 2014-05-18, 02:47   Subject: Golden Tiger Rod
You are right .. it's not available at the shop.
Right again .. the stats are touching those of VB.

hhhhheh ..
Don't want to dissapoint you but it's a new GOLDS rod .. sorry !
Definitely not worrhy yhe 1500 stars that could have brought you a decent rod out of a god's chest
Actually it's not worthy a 150 .. no wait .. 15 stars.

Another BUT hey .. regarding the level you are it still can help, just don't upgrade it cause the repair costs are hugggggge and of course we don't need more posts about "why I can't make more golds?"
So .. use it with caution till you get a decent star rods alley then this one can go as an awesome combining material or just sell it for a big sack of dinars .. hehe

Please don't take it the bad way, I'm just being sarcastic .. definitely not your fault you didn't know, it's GAMEVIL'S over and over again.

Your lesson is .. stay away from any cards that costs stars, save yours and take the long shot buying your good stuff at sales, of course FREE coupons can help during the meanwhile.


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