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Leopard Grouper

FS Player Name: izenko
Joined: 24 Apr 2013
Posts: 64
Location: Rzeszow, Poland
Level: 6
HP: 0/104
MP: 49/49
EXP: 13/14
Posted: 2013-04-25, 03:05   

well if u more like rock (hard rock, metal) u can check out my small amount of covers - in few days will be also added Tool - Pushit cover, and in next ill do Black Sabbath - Iron Man (i know how to play the song, but i need to quick playing solos :P)
Level: 6 HP   0%   0/104
   MP   100%   49/49
   EXP   92%   13/14

FS Player Name: bartt761
Helped: 2 times
Age: 37
Joined: 15 Feb 2013
Posts: 354
Location: edinburgh
Level: 17
HP: 6/630
MP: 301/301
EXP: 23/41
Posted: 2013-08-11, 10:45   

Black Sabbath
Deep purple
Led Zeppelin
That my cup of tea
Level: 17 HP   1%   6/630
   MP   100%   301/301
   EXP   56%   23/41

FS Player Name: SWRogue
Age: 58
Joined: 24 Oct 2013
Posts: 26
Level: 3
HP: 0/44
MP: 21/21
EXP: 8/9
Posted: 2014-03-30, 12:36   

Mostly old school
Judus Priest
Blue Oyster Cult
Led Zeppelin
Ozzy Osbourne
Dio - but finding them is hard

I do also like Rammstine
Level: 3 HP   0%   0/44
   MP   100%   21/21
   EXP   88%   8/9

FS Player Name: rhipa
Joined: 20 Dec 2013
Posts: 11
Location: Münster, Germany
Level: 2
HP: 0/30
MP: 14/14
EXP: 1/8
Posted: 2014-04-24, 13:35   

Mostly "Dampfhammer" :mrgreen:

Pantera (Cemetary Gates)
Metallica (One)
Machine Head (Davidian)
KoRn (Blind)
AC/DC (You Shook Me all Night Long)
Killswitch Engage (Rose of Sharyn)
Pro Pain (Shine)
Biohazard (Punishment)
Hatebreed (Another Day Another Vendetta)
Sepultura (Attitude)

Could go on and on and on but this is my Top10 Bands, fav Songs in Brackets but almost every song of them is great ! :pada:
Level: 2 HP   0%   0/30
   MP   100%   14/14
   EXP   12%   1/8
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