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*#Important Rule for all Forum Members#*
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FS Player Name: toffer00
Helped: 2 times
Age: 37
Joined: 08 Oct 2012
Posts: 841
Location: Germany
Level: 26
HP: 32/1637
MP: 781/781
EXP: 2/78
  Posted: 2013-09-13, 22:53   *#Important Rule for all Forum Members#*

To all forum members,

to keep a better overview in our forum, it's important to stop dicussions about different themes in different sections & topics.
That's why i would like to please you for the last time :
- before writing a new topic, use the search button to get sure that you dont post an info twice
- news about game shouldnt be used for discussions or other infos.
Please read the reglements Mariusz wrote.
Its only for informing all of us and the topics in it will be deleted regulary
- all infos about fishes or tactics for catching them should be written in the fishing book, nowhere else.

From now on all twice or more written infos and topics will be deleted.
I hope you understand that its only good for all of us to keep the forum clean and ordered and make searching easier for new members.

Abra is actually the only mod in here and will delete everything whats posted more then once.

Thanks for understanding and keeping it in mind,

Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal

Level: 26 HP   2%   32/1637
   MP   100%   781/781
   EXP   2%   2/78
Livyatan Melvillei

FS Player Name: Jewbag22
Age: 36
Joined: 02 Oct 2012
Posts: 939
Location: Scotland
Level: 27
HP: 35/1795
MP: 857/857
EXP: 22/83
Posted: 2013-09-15, 21:41   

I agree fully mate, I got one more comp in me then ill get back to tidyin up. I seen we already have 2 or 3 giant barb topics, for example...

All duplicate info, now-defunct data/strategy and general chit chat over X months old will be purged.

Sorry I've kinda been MIA here past couple weeks but I been crazy busy. All spare time is on FS now I can actually play properly again, I don't think anyone would grudge me that :13:
One more cast...
Level: 27 HP   2%   35/1795
   MP   100%   857/857
   EXP   26%   22/83
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