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Hatari Bosses biting like crazy today
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Leopard Grouper

FS Player Name: Turbooo7
Joined: 27 Jan 2014
Posts: 63
Location: United States
Level: 6
HP: 0/104
MP: 49/49
EXP: 12/14
Posted: 2014-03-18, 19:18   Hatari Bosses biting like crazy today

For those of you chasing any bosses in Hatari Jungle or looking to catch that elusive SSS one, today might be your lucky day. I've tossed in upwards of 500 Cranks, Spinners, and Minnows over the last 2 weeks with not a single bite. Today I got the Emerald Carp to bite on the 10th Master Bait, Silent Murderer on the 7th Rookie Bait, and the Blood Wing on the 3rd Expert Bait.

Not sure if it played a major role, but in each occurrence I had tossed 1 SSS-Chum immediately before trying for the boss. I'm also skeptical that this all might change given the maintenance update coming later tonight... so hurry.

Good luck!
No school like the old school
Level: 6 HP   0%   0/104
   MP   100%   49/49
   EXP   85%   12/14

FS Player Name: Nick2078
Joined: 24 Jan 2014
Posts: 33
Location: Italy
Level: 4
HP: 0/61
MP: 29/29
EXP: 6/11
Posted: 2014-05-30, 01:55   

Hi Turbooo ,i have also caught,these bosses, and spent like 20 baites to get them, what about the Fire Horn Shark, did you manage to get it,if yes -some tips for this guy,i've been trying to catch him last month, spent a looot of minows,resut is -i haven't even spoted him.

[ Added: 2014-07-02, 11:19 ]
Ok already got him.
Level: 4 HP   0%   0/61
   MP   100%   29/29
   EXP   54%   6/11
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